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Sayings in French are a great way to learn the language, prepare for a trip to France, add some spice and romance to your love life, or impress your friends and family. The key to learning any foreign language is to repeat out loud new words learned. Having a context for those words, such as common French sayings and expressions, makes the process even more fun and meaningful.

What you might not realize, however, is how many sayings in French you actually already know! The fact is the English speakers use a whole slew of French words and expressions in their everyday language. Do the terms deja vu (already seen or experienced), bon appetit, entrée, (first course or meal starter), aperitif (before-meal drink) or derriere (bottom or behind) ring a bell? And how about when you order le menu du jour (special of the day) or a la carte (items separate from the menu) when you dine out, or a soufflé or sorbet for desert? In fact, while pronounced differently, the name restaurant itself is the same in both English and French.

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Turning the tables, the French have also adopted some common English words into their everyday vocabulary, giving you a definite head start as you take on the task of learning to speak French. Although Parisians are known to speak quite rapidly, listen closely for words such as sandwich, sexy, taxi, and poster.

Before you jet off to Paris on your dream vacation or to any other of France's top tourist destinations, here are some sayings in French to master:

  • Bonjour Hello
  • Merci Thank you
  • Pardonne moi Excuse me
  • S'il vous plait Please
  • Comment allez-vous? How are you? (formal)
  • Bonjour, comment ca va? Hi, how are you? (informal)
  • Ca va tres bien, merci, et vous? Fine, thanks, and you?
  • Comment vous appelez vous? OR Comment t'appelles? (formal/informal)
  • Je m'appelle _______. My name is ________.
  • J'ai faime. I'm hungry.
  • Quelle belle journée! What a nice day!

Of course, everyone knows that French is the language of love and romance. To woo your partner, impress your date, or add some zest to your marriage or the bedroom, try your hand at the following romantic French expressions:

  • Je t'aime (I love you)
  • Mon cher/Ma cher/Mon cherie/Ma cherie (my dear -- masculine/feminine)
  • Amour de ma vie (love of my life)

Listening to French songs is another great way to learn sayings in French. However beware of repeating inappropriate French expressions to the wrong person. While the following phrase, voulez-vous coucher avec moi (do you want to sleep with me), makes for a great hit song, it might land you a slap in the face on a first date!

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