Monet Portraits

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Monet portraits are among Claude Monet's most famous works of art, which also include his many landscape, garden, and nature-based paintings.

Monet married Camille Doncieux on June 28, 1870. They gave birth to their first son, Jean, in 1867, and to their second son, Michel, in 1878. During this time Camille was said to be Monet's muse, and many of his early paintings depicted Camille or Camille and her children.

The following are some of the most famous Monet portraits:

monet portraits Photo by: shooting brooklyn

  • The Woman in the Green Dress, (Camille Monet), 1866 (La femme à la robe verte)
  • The Red Kerchief: Portrait of Mrs. Monet, 1868-1878
  • Camille Monet on a Garden Bench, 1873 (currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York)
  • Jean Monet on his hobby horse, 1872 (currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York)
  • Camille Monet at her tapestry loom, 1875 (displayed at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA)
  • Madame Monet in a Japanese Costume, 1875 (on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston)
  • Woman with a Parasol (Camille and Jean Monet), 1875 (on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC)

On September 5, 1879, Camille Monet died at the young age of 32 from tuberculosis. The last of the Monet portraits of his wife, Camille Monet on her deathbed, 1879, is on display in Paris, France, at the Musée d'Orsay.

However true appreciation for Monet's artwork came only after the death of Camille, when he formed a partnership with Paul Durand-Ruel, a French art dealer. Monet purchased a home with a small garden - the now famous flower garden at Giverny - in order to paint full time. If you are fascinated by Monet portraits, you will be even more intrigued and mesmerized by the paintings he created following the death of Camille, which are said to be his best works. In addition to painting several groups of landscapes and seascapes, Monet is famous for being the father of Impressionist art. His most noted works include his 'series' paintings, such as Haystacks, Water Lilies, Poplars, Mornings on the Seine, and more.

Unlike older styles of art, Impressionism did not directly mirror reality. Rather, it used visible brush strokes that gave a dreamy, blurry impression of the scene being painted. Monet's strengths were his ability to catch the effect that light had on a subject, as well as his unique use of color.

Fortunately, hundreds of prints of Monet's classic works of art are available for purchase today, including Monet portraits, Monet series paintings, and Monet's 1872 famous oil on canvas painting, Impression Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant), featuring a view of the Le Havre Harbor in France.

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