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Let's begin with a list of French words you'll need when you take your dream trip to France, travel to Disneyland Paris, or when you want to greet your French-speaking family, friends, or clients.

  • Bonjour/Salut = Hello
  • Bonsoir = Good evening
  • A plus tard = See you later
  • Au revoir = Goodbye
  • Oui = Yes
  • Non = No
  • Merci = Thank you
  • S'il vous plait = Please
  • Excusez moi = Excuse me
  • De rien = You're welcome
  • Comment? = What?
  • Là = There
  • Quand = When?
  • Où = Where?
  • Comment allez vous? = How are you?
  • Comment ca va? = How are you/How's it going?
  • Ca va bien, merci, et vous? = Fine thanks and you?
In this next list of French words we'll look at some common phrases and everyday expressions that are sure to come in handy:

list of french words

  • Je ne parle pas français = I don't speak French
  • Parlez-vous anglais? = Do you speak English?
  • Je ne comprends pas = I don't understand
  • Pouvez-vous répéter cela, s'il vous plait? = Could you repeat that, please?
  • Quelle heure est-il? = What time is it?
  • Où est? = Where is...?
  • C'est combien? = How much does this cost?
  • Je parle très peu français = I speak very little French
  • J'ai faim = I'm hungry
  • J'ai soif = I'm thirsty
  • Desolé = I'm sorry
  • Je m'appelle = My name is...

Any good French dictionary should include a list of French verbs and their conjugations, as well as a list of the French tenses. Most French textbooks provide various lists of words organized under categories or themes, such a list of the parts of the body, a list of shopping terms, a list of French expressions describing the weather, and more. If you are teaching French to children, the following list of French words might come in handy:

  • French Numbers (1-10) = un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix
  • French Colors: Jaune - yellow; rouge - red; vert(e) - green; bleu(e) - blue, orange - orange; blanc(he) - white; noir(e) - black; violet(tte) - purple

As you continue to build up your vocabulary, start keeping your own list of French words. In fact, the experts advise that you keep a list of all the words you don't know and then practice using them in a sentence until they are mastered. Flash cards are an interactive way to memorize lists of French words and phrases and are a fun way to test yourself and your friends.

Finally, if memorizing a long list of French words simply doesn't inspire you, here are some more creative and interesting ways to learn French, expand your vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation:

  • Practice conversing with a native French speaker
  • Listen to French songs
  • Read French children's books
  • Watch movies with French subtitles
  • Do simple crossword puzzles in French
  • Do French word searches
  • Play Scrabble in French
  • Listen to French audio available on many websites
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