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You will find hotels in Laval France located in the northern part of the country known as the Loire Valley or Pays de la Loire. Named after the 800-mile long river that runs through it, the Loire Valley region is comprised of the following five "departments" or counties: Loire-Atlantique, Mayenne, Sarthe, Maine-et-Loire, and Vendee. The primary towns are: Nantes, Angers, Le Mans, Laval, Cholet, and La Roche-sur-Yon.

If you're passionate about sandy beaches and beautiful harbors, visit the Loire-Atlantique and Vendee areas of the Loire Valley. On the other hand, if picturesque rolling country sides, some of France's finest wine-producing vineyards, and fairytale chateaux (castles) are more your style, the inland of the Loire Valley is where you want to visit. Since tourism in the region is a big part of the economy, attracting travelers from all over the world, it's no wonder hotels in Laval France are so popular and why the experts recommend you book well in advance if you are planning a trip to France during the peak season.

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In addition to the scenic setting, one of the main attractions of the area is its exceptional number of castles! As you know, royal castles, such as the Palace of Versailles, have long been a part of French history. However what most people don't know is that from 1500-1700, Paris's elite began building castles or chateaux along the river. Some chateaux are actually renovated medieval castles or incorporate parts of the original structure.

If you stand on the balcony of hotels in Laval France, you should have an extraordinary view of the countryside decked with sprawling chateaux. If you look closely, you might even notice that there are two types of chateaux or castles: defensive castles and purely decorative castles. The defensive types are medieval, featuring sturdy walls, defensive moats, small windows, and sometimes a drawbridge. The decorative types are Renaissance castles, the builders of which were more interested in aesthetics. They typically contain lavish furnishings, have large doors and windows with sculpted surrounds, and feature beautiful landscaping. In fact, the Loire Valley has been coined the Garden of France!

Don't know how to get to and from hotels in Laval France? You can easily reach the town by Eurostar train. Simply buy a Eurostar ticket online and take the train first to Paris, and then from Paris to Laval. While you there, ask the hotel staff to point you in the direction of Laval's many historical sites and attractions, such as the Museum of Art Naif – one of finest folk art museums, containing collections of some of the greatest international masters.

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