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Givenchy French perfume is synonymous with sophistication, class, and style, not to mention unsurpassed fragrance for men and women. Givenchy Parfums, the name of the world-renowned French brand, was founded in 1952 and has continued to introduce new scents to the world until this day. The label is named after Hubert de Givenchy, born in Beauvais, France in 1927. He first gained fame as one of the youngest fashion designers in the world, working with other great names such as Christian Dior, Lucien Lelong, and Elsa Schiaparelli. In 1952, by the time he was 25 years old, Hubert founded his own company, the House of Givenchy, and he has continued to run this empire ever since.

In addition to Givenchy French perfume, the Givenchy label produces accessories, clothing, and cosmetics. It is a well known fact that Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn wore Givenchy designer clothing in most of her movies and that First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy almost exclusively wore Givenchy designs.

givenchy french perfume

A comprehensive list of Givenchy French perfume could go on for days, but some of Givenchy's finest fragrances include: L'Interdit (his first perfume, dedicated to Audrey Hepburn), Le De Givenchy Perfume for women (launched in 1957 and which is Bettie Davis's signature fragrance), Givenchy Gentleman (a cologne for men introduced in 1974), Givenchy Blue Label, Intimate Red, Pi, Pi for Men, Pi, Hot Couture, Play, and many more.

A particularly popular fragrance is Very Irresistible Perfume by Givenchy, as well as the Very Irresistible Sensual edition, for which Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler, is the current spokesperson and face for the perfume's ad campaign. The perfume comes in a tall, slender bottle with different shades of pink and is also available as a body cream, bath gel, roll-on, and eau do toilette.

If you are a fan of Givenchy French perfume, you might also enjoy the fragrances of Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Molinard, Galimard, Guerlin, and Chanel (whose creator, Coco Chanel, is credited with introducing Chanel No. 5, a perfume used by many Hollywood celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, and which is considered the world's most popular perfume of all times).

Finally, here are a few more selections from the long line of Givenchy French perfume:

  • Givenchy III for women, launched in 1970
  • Eau de Givenchy for women, launched in 1980
  • Ysatis for women, launched in 1984
  • Xeryus for men, launched in 1986
  • Givenchy Pour Homme, a new cologne for men introduced by Givenchy in 2002

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