Food Pyramid in French

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The food pyramid in French is remarkably similar to the American and Canadian food pyramids. Presented in diagram form, each level of the pyramid depicts the types of foods health experts recommend that men, women, and children eat every day, as well as the recommended amounts of those foods. Research indicates that nowadays people are increasingly health-conscious and are 'hungry' to learn about better food choices. And with the state of the global economy at a low, more people are opting to eat at home rather than dining out, which is good news, according the health experts.

Donning your French chef's hat, trying out new recipes, and dabbling in the kitchen have always been a lot of fun. Learning the art of French cooking and how to prepare traditional French dishes is also a favorite past time. Fortunately, when you cook at home you can control the ingredients going into your meals, making it far easier to prepare dishes for your family that adhere to the guidelines of the food pyramid in French.

food pyramid in french

Of course, French cuisine has long been associated with French Camembert and Parmesan cheeses, fresh croissants and baguettes, mousse au chocolat, French éclairs, French wine and champagne, and rich creamy sauces such as Hollandaise, Florentine, Bearnaise, and Mornay. While you won't find these delicacies listed on a traditional food pyramid in French, healthy eating programs make room for all types of foods in moderation.

The bottom level of the food pyramid in French is comprised of grains - such as breads, whole grain and whole wheat products, and even croissants and pastries. Going up a level on the pyramid you'll find a wide range fruits and vegetables, which are easy to buy fresh at the French markets. Next on the food pyramid are meat and fish, followed by dairy products. Fortunately, France is the place of origin of hundreds of cheese varieties, making it easy to include dairy products on a regular basis. And while the following items might make North Americans squirm, some of the foods the French enjoy eating in the meats category include escargot (snails), ants, and frog legs.

Some people are surprised that French fries are not listed on the food pyramid in French. However while deep-fried potatoes are not the healthiest food choice, potatoes themselves (pomme de terres) are packed with vitamins and minerals, making them an excellent menu selection. For meals the whole family will enjoy, look up French potato recipes such as French scalloped potatoes, potato gratin (potatoes with melted cheese), oven-roasted potatoes, grilled potatoes, French potato salad, and more.

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