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English to French words are some the most sought-after translations in the world. French, the language of romance, is spoken in over 30 countries worldwide and is considered one the most pleasant and sophisticated international languages. If you are planning a trip to France or to Paris, the City of Lights, you might want to bone up on your French vocabulary and learn some common French phrases before you head to the airport!

There are endless sources for English to French words. The traditional English-French dictionary is by no means passé and isn't going out of style anytime soon. Standard and pocket-sized dictionaries can contain over 100,000 English-French and French-English word translations, as well as pronunciation guides, French grammar lessons, and conjugation tables. Dictionaries also provide examples for the multiple uses of each entry, including idiomatic expressions. Above and beyond English to French words, nowadays you can also access English-French children's dictionaries, common phrase dictionaries, electronic and hand-held dictionaries, scientific dictionaries - and even French slang dictionaries and dictionaries of common English-French and French-English errors.

english to french words

More modern resources for English to French words include Google Translate and other automatic language translators offered by all the major search engines. The Internet is bursting with "Learn French" websites, which provide vocabulary lists, lists of common French expressions and sayings, French grammar lessons, printable French lesson plans, and more. You can also listen to French audio online, spoken by a native Francophone to ensure that you learn the correct pronunciation.

If you want to learn French on the road or are too busy to sit down and open up a book, consider investing in a hand-held electronic translator. Simply type in the word you want translated, click, and voila! More advanced devices will not only display the translated word but will 'speak' or sound it out as well. You may not be able to put together full sentences or master complete French phrases this way, but your French vocabulary should get a significant boost!

To help you become a French connoisseur par excellence and master the French language, here is a list of some common English to French words and expressions. Remember: Practice makes perfect!

  • Hello = Bonjour/Salut
  • Goodbye = Au revoir
  • Glad To Meet You = Enchanté
  • Good Morning/Good day = Bon jour
  • Good Evening = Bon soir
  • Enjoy your meal = Bon appetit
  • Have a safe trip = Bon voyage
  • Please = S'il vous plait
  • Thank you very much = Merci beaucoup
  • How are you? = Comment ca va?
  • Yes = Oui
  • No = Non
  • My name is = Je m'appelle
  • I don't understand = Je ne comprends pas
  • Do you speak English? = Parlez-vous anglais?
  • Excuse Me = Excusez-moi
  • Sorry = Desolé/Pardon
  • What's the weather like? = Quel temps fait-il?
  • It's nice out = Il fait beau

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