Eiffel Tower Party Decorations

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Before planning your Eiffel Tower party decorations, let's back up a few steps and take a look at your party invitations. Since you are obviously a Paris enthusiast, anything Parisian or French is a good fit, and it's a good idea to follow the same theme from beginning to end. You can add some French flair to your invitations by designing them around Eiffel Tower clipart and in fact personalize everything related to the party by giving it the Eiffel Tower stamp - from your invitations, to your Eiffel Tower party decorations, to the party favors, to the cake and/or refreshments, and right down to the Thank-you cards.

Whether or not you make your own invitations or buy them depends on the type of party you are planning, how many people you are inviting, and if the party is formal or informal. Likewise, you can buy Eiffel Tower party decorations, but if you have the time and the patience and enough hands to go around, designing and crafting your own decorations is not only a lot of fun, but chances are you can come up with ideas which far surpass anything you could find in a store!

eiffel tower party decorations

Once the invitations have been sent out, it's time to plan the party! To reflect your Paris, Eiffel Tower, or France theme, remember to carry it through all aspects of the event, including place cards, table centerpieces, programs, name tags, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, cups, window dressings, and even the lighting. For example, your Eiffel Tower party decorations can include champagne glasses for toasts, postcards or posters of the Eiffel Tower adorning the walls, Eiffel Tower key chains as party favors, cookies in the shape of a tower, a tower-shaped cake, and perhaps even some Eiffel Tower-style fireworks to kick off or end the festivities!.

If you are throwing a going-away party for some friends on their way to France, or a send-off for a couple about to embark on a romantic honeymoon to Paris, a clever going-away present is a camera and an accompanying album or scrapbook which they can use to capture their favorite moments. To get the ball rolling, decorate the cover of the album with a romantic image of the Eiffel Tower, with a picture of Disneyland Paris, or an image of a stunning French beach.

If you are sending thank-you cards, have them reflect the same theme as your Eiffel Tower party decorations and invitations. You can reuse the same image, or better yet, include a snapshot from the actual party to give your guests a truly memorable token of the event.

Finally, here are a few creative ideas to embellish your Eiffel Tower party decorations:

  • Decorate the walls with clipart of poodles and Parisian girls wearing berets
  • Fashion your invitations in the shape of a plane ticket to France
  • Glam up some Paris postcards with glitter and bows and hand them out as party favors
  • Hang up France travel posters
  • Hang cutouts from high-fashion Paris magazines or French designers
  • Tie pink, black, and white bows and streamers to the chairs and tables for a look that is "tres chic"
  • For a surprise that will leave everybody speechless, invite a French mime to perform at the party!
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