Eiffel Tower Painting

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An Eiffel Tower painting displayed in your home is a great way to remember your trip to Paris and makes for an interesting conversation piece as you share your experiences with family and friends. Of course, the Eiffel Tower, which rules the Paris skyline and attracted over 220 million visitors since it was built in 1889, is a "must-see" on any Paris visit. So too is the famous Louvre Museum, home to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, as well as paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and others. If you are in Paris for the first time, be sure to also explore the Cathedral of Notre Dame, walk along the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, and march through the Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of French military achievement commissioned by Napoleon in 1806

The background of your Eiffel Tower painting might also show River Seine, on which you can sail or enjoy a cruise of the region. Furthermore, when you walk the streets of Paris you will no doubt discover local artists displaying their artwork at craft fairs or in posh galleries. You can often purchase original paintings by a favorite artist at bargain prices, and if you are on a cruise you might discover a one-of-a-kind painting of the Eiffel Tower sold at an art auction on the cruise ship.

eiffel tower painting

However wall art is only one type of Eiffel Tower replica you can purchase during your France vacation. Keep your eyes peeled for miniature wooden and carved Eiffel Towers, Eiffel Tower sculptures, Eiffel Tower replicas, Eiffel Tower jewelry, and Eiffel Tower and leatherwork.

If you're interested in an abstract art Eiffel Tower painting, remember the name Robert Delaunay. Delaunay (1885-1941), a French painter, is most noted for his Eiffel Tower series, comprised of 30 creations painted between 1909 and 1912 using the Eiffel Tower as the subject. The series includes sketches, window paintings, and oil paintings, each illustrating the tower surrounded by tall buildings and from different viewpoints and angles. The masterpieces of the set are three particular oil paintings:

  • Tower with Trees (49 3/4" x 36 1/2" canvas)
  • Tower (Tour Eiffel) - Measuring 79 1/2" x 54 1/2" canvas, showing the tower emerging from the drape of surrounding skyscrapers
  • The Red Tower (63 1/4" x 50 5/8" canvas)

In fact, Delaunay is credited for inventing the non-imitative form of art, where fragmented layers of color form fascinating patterns of fractured spaces to be interpreted by the viewer's mind, replacing the traditional object-inspired painting.

Where can you view a Delaunay Eiffel Tower painting? His "Eiffel Tower with Trees" and "Eiffel Tower" are currently displayed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, while the "The Red Tower" is exhibited at the Arts Institute of Chicago.

Finally, if you are an aspiring artist, try creating your own painting of the Eiffel Tower! You can copy the image from a poster, trace the tower using a stencil, or buy an Eiffel Tower paint-by-number set!

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