Eiffel Tower Cookie Jar

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An Eiffel Tower cookie jar is a fantastic gift for anyone who is enamored with Paris, with France, with the Eiffel Tower, with French history – and basically with anything 'French.' It's also a terrific kitchen accessory and makes for a much admired and talked about centerpiece. Typically made out of ceramic, the tower top lifts up, leaving the body empty to hold any type of cookie, bar, candy, et cetera. Although Eiffel Tower cookie jars are somewhat of a rarity today, they are still out there waiting to be found.

So where can you look for an Eiffel Tower cookie jar these days? A good place to start is the Internet. Try out this site, or do a search on eBay and other buy-and-sell websites, where you can often find out-of-stock and out-of-season merchandise. While you're there, you might be surprised to discover a whole slew of Eiffel Tower-themed goods, including Eiffel Tower kitchen towels, Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakers, Eiffel Tower plates and dinner sets, Eiffel Tower wallpaper, and more. Of course, there are also many products with a Parisian or French theme, including ceramic pink poodles, French-themed party decorations, Paris and France clipart, Eiffel Tower posters, and Travel France posters.

eiffel tower cookie jar

To fill your Eiffel cookie jar, do an online search for "Eiffel Tower recipes," "Eiffel Tower baking recipes," or "Eiffel Tower cookies." You'll be amazed how many creative recipe ideas there are and how many scrumptious deserts have been developed with an Eiffel Tower or Paris, France theme. You can also visit your local library to browse through the baking cookbooks and magazines. Types of recipes you might find include an Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae, a Pretzel Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Tower Gingerbread Cookies, and more. And if cookies and baked goods aren't your cup of tea, you can always fill your cookie jar with assorted French chocolates or bonbons.

Another idea is to add an Eiffel Tower cookie jar to a gift package which includes a bottle of French wine or Paris's best bubbly, a bottle of Chanel perfume, Ralph Lauren men's cologne, fragrant bath soaps, potpourri, Eiffel Tower earrings, and more. Keeping the theme going, a small snow globe with the Eiffel Tower inside always brings out a smile, and if you have just returned from a trip to France, these items will help keep the memory alive.

If you have some experience doing pottery, you can even make an Eiffel Tower cookie jar by yourself. When it's all finished and painted, wrap it up in French wrapping paper, add a beautiful bow and a French gift card - and voila! A wonderful Christmas, holiday, or birthday gift has been created!

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