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Disney land Paris hotels are situated right next to the Disneyland Paris resort, located in the eastern suburbs of Paris in the town of Marne-la-Vallée. Paris Disneyland is the second resort built after the original Disney theme park located in Anaheim, California. Paris Disneyland is comprised of two theme parks, seven resort hotels, six associated hotels, a golf course, and a railway station. So what makes the Paris Disney hotels so special? Each hotel is a luxury, five-star accommodation with a unique theme which is echoed throughout the hotel - from the way the rooms are decorated, to the architecture and decor, to how the hotel personnel is dressed, and even to the food served!

Of course, Disney Land Paris hotels located within the Disneyland Resort are also the most expensive. If you are traveling on a budget and want to save your money for all the rides, shows, food, and other delights inside the park, there are several hotels in the vicinity which are cheaper and which are located only a few minutes' drive away.

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However if you have decided to splurge and treat your family to all the luxury and wonder Disneyland Paris has to offer, here are some helpful tips and a brief overview of the Disney Land Paris hotels and their amenities.

Each resort hotel within the Disneyland Paris complex operates a free shuttle bus service to the amusement park so you don't have to miss a minute of the fun. You can buy tickets to the parks directly from the hotel help desk, saving you from having to wait in long lines when the park is crowded and especially during the peak season. Each hotel features a play area for children, restaurants, shops, indoor swimming pools, 24-hour room service, a fitness center and more. Disney characters visit each of the hotels to greet guests in the lobby and restaurants and are more than happy to pose for a photo and to mingle and chat with the children.

  • Disneyland Hotel: Located at the gates of the Disneyland Park and decorated in a Magic Castle theme.
  • Disney's Hotel New York: Decorated in an Art Deco style of the Big Apple. During the winter, the hotel operates an open-air ice skating rink.
  • Disney's Newport Bay Club: Located by Lake Disney, nautically themed, and decorated in a 1920s England Mansion style. The hotel restaurants specialize in seafood and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Disney's Sequioa Lodge: Located by Lake Disney a short distance from the resort. Features a rugged American mountain lodges theme, a cozy lounge with a fireplace, hearty buffet breakfasts, and steak dinners.
  • Disney's Hotel Cheyenne: Decorated in a Western movie cowboy theme and features an outdoor play area with pony rides and a Western-themed buffet restaurant and bar.
  • Disney's Hotel Santa Fe: Decorated in a Spanish conquistadors and Native American Indians theme, with amenities including a cocktail bar with live music and a Tex Mex buffet restaurant.
  • Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch: The ranch's accommodations are self-catering one- and two-bedroom bungalows. The site includes tennis and basketball courts, tree climbing adventures, an indoor swimming pool with slides and a waterfall, a restaurant with barbeques and a karaoke bar with live music.

Now that you are up to speed on Disney Land Paris hotels, it's time to speed dial and make your reservations today!

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