Common French Phrases

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The following some common French phrases which help you master one of the most beloved languages on earth. Also known as the language of love and romance, French is spoken in about 30 countries worldwide! Learning French is an asset whether you need the language to communicate with French-speaking relatives, friends, and clients, or whether you're preparing for a long-awaited dream trip to Paris.

Let's begin with common French phrases that you're likely to use on an everyday basis and when you're meeting or greeting people:

  • Bonjour/Salut = Hello
  • Bonsoir = Good evening
  • Oui = Yes
  • Non = No
  • Merci = Thank you
  • S'il vous plait = Please
  • Excusez moi = Excuse me
  • De rien = You're welcome
  • Je m'appelle = My name is...
  • Comment allez vous? = How are you?
  • Comment ca va? = How are you/How's it going?
  • Ca va bien, merci, et vous? = Fine thanks and you?
  • J'ai faim = I'm hungry
  • J'ai soif = I'm thirsty
  • Desolé = I'm sorry
  • A plus tard = See you later
  • Au revoir = Goodbye

If you find yourself a little lost and don't understand what people are saying to you, or if you just don't have a broad enough French vocabulary to express yourself properly, the good news is the most French-speaking people also know a little bit of English. Here is a small set of common French phrases which can help you out if you're in a jam:

  • Je ne parle pas français = I don't speak French
  • Je parle très peu français = I speak very little French
  • Parlez-vous anglais? = Do you speak English?
  • Je ne comprends pas = I don't understand
  • Pouvez-vous répéter cela, s'il vous plait? = Could you repeat that, please?
  • Je ne sais pas - I don't know

Asking questions in French is easy if you've done your homework. Be sure to master the following basic 'querying' common French phrases:

  • Qu'est ce que = What?
  • Quand = When?
  • Où = Where?
  • Qui = Who?
  • Pourquoi = Why?
  • Comment = How?
  • Quelle heure est-il? = What time is it?
  • Où est? = Where is...?
  • C'est combien? = How much does this cost?
  • Quelles temps fait-il? = What's the weather like?

Did you know that many everyday English expressions are actually adopted from the French language? This is good news since you may already know more common French phrases than you realize! See how many of the following English/French expressions you familiar with:

  • Avant garde
  • Bon appetit
  • Bon voyage
  • Carte blanche
  • C'est la vie
  • Deja vu
  • RSVP (respondez s'il vous plait)

common french phrases
Je t'aime de tout mon coeur

Finally, the French language figures prominently in matters of the heart. If you're thinking of romancing someone in the language of love, be sure to memorize the following common French phrases of affection:

  • Vous êtes très jolie (You are very beautiful/pretty)
  • Vous etes tres beau = You're very handsome
  • Je t'aime beaucoup (I like you a lot)
  • Je t'adore (I adore you)
  • Je t'aime de tout mon coeur (I love you with all my heart)
  • Vous êtes tres belle = You are very beautiful
  • Vous avez les yeux belle = You have beautiful eyes
  • Quelle belle sourit = What a beautiful smile
  • Tu es pour moi la plus belle = To me you are the most beautiful

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