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Looking for Chinon France hotels? You can find the best rates and even read traveler reviews about Chinon online. Sites such as TripAdvisor are highly recommended, as they rank hotels by price and by popularity. The Internet is full of information on what to see, where to go, what to do, what to eat – and yes, what wine to drink in France! Whether you are looking for guidebooks, maps, or travel information to Chinon, simply do a Google search or visit a local travel agent who has experience planning France holiday vacations.

So what's the big attraction of Chinon France hotels? While the first-class hotels themselves exemplify the unsurpassed standards of French hospitality and French cuisine, what really acts as a magnet for thousands of tourists each year is the Loire Valley, where Chinon is located. Also known as the Pays de la Loire, the Loire Valley is named for the long river that runs through it and is famous for its rolling country side, for the sparkling wine produced in the region, and most of all, for its famous chateaux or castles.

chinon france hotels

The chateaux of the Loire are among the most visited sites in France. The Chateau de Chinon, specifically, is the largest chateaux in the region, with over 400 rooms. While most of the castle stands empty today, it was once a place of royalty where Louis XIII and his son, Louis IV (the "Sun King") often stayed. And does the name Joan of Arc ring a bell? Well, it was in this chateau, the residence of Charles VII during the early 15th century, that Joan of Arc came to plead her allegiance and urge the King to liberate France from England.

Additional reasons to make reservations at Chinon France hotels are the numerous opportunities nearby to sample the region's finest wines, such as Chinon's Cabernet based wines. And what many visitors don't know is that you can join a tour of the castles which last a number of days, and that many of the chateaux host fireworks, music festivals, and dance performances during the summer.

Finally, one of the most popular ways to tour the Loire Valley, also known as "the Garden of France" due to its rolling green hills and stunning landscape, is by bike. In fact, there are many cycling tours of the area to join or you can embark upon a self-guided bike tour. A great advantage of do-it-yourself bike tours is that you stay at the same upscale Chinon France hotels, but save a significant amount of money on the price of a guided tour. Plus, you get to view the Loire Valley up close in all its beauty and get a genuine "on the ground" feeling for the entire region.

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