Black and White Eiffel Tower

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Black and white Eiffel Tower pictures provide a classy and timeless feel to any interior décor. The incomparable 1,063-foot high structure, designed by Alexander Gustav Eiffel in 1887, was originally slated to be only a temporary exhibit at the 1889 World Fair. Over 200 years later, the Eiffel Tower still stands proud as one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Today, there is no end to the wide array of Eiffel Tower paraphernalia sold around the globe, as people attempt to bring some of the romance and elegance of Paris into their lives. Look for Eiffel tower wedding favors, Eiffel Tower napkin holders, small boxes and tins with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on them, and items in the actual shape of the Eiffel tower, such as key chains, candles, and earrings. And if you enjoy black and white Eiffel Tower photos, you will love black and white posters of Paris.

Another contemporary trend is black and white Eiffel Tower centerpieces, which debut at bridal parties, elegant wedding ceremonies, golden anniversaries, and high school proms. The appeal of a Paris-themed prom for young adults is easy to understand. Paris is famed for being the city of glamour and haute couture (high fashion). It is associated with designer names such as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, and Pierre Cardin. It is world renown as the city of love and romance, as well as the city of lights. Not surprisingly, the popularity of black & white balls is on the rise, featuring young ladies in chic, sleek evening dresses, and young men in dapper black and white tuxedos. Also current is a "midnight in Paris" theme, where a backdrop of a black & white Eiffel Tower creates the ambience, where decorations are aglow with glitter dust and twinkling stars, and where big band music jazzes up a magical evening.

black and white eiffel tower

If you are hosting a gala affair or a wedding reception, there are many French-themed and Paris-inspired ideas you can use. Begin by serving hors d'oeuvres such as mini quiches, canap├ęs, and baguettes. Fresh crepes made and served by a chef in the reception hall is always a crowd pleaser, as are French wine and cheese stations. Desert can include French pastries and delicacies such as meringues, macaroons, puff pastries, and petit fours. When it comes to decorations, consider black and white Eiffel Tower table centerpieces and even an Eiffel Tower ice sculpture in the middle of the room. Black, white, and pale pink colors keep to the theme of the day, and you can enhance the mood with miniature lights placed all around the hall.

From the engagement announcement, to the bridal shower invites, to the wedding invitations, and all the way to the thank-you cards, a black and white Paris or black and white Eiffel Tower theme is sure to receive a 'Bravo' and a standing ovation!

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